Selasa, Januari 10, 2012

I Just Love Her Words!


How are you everyone? Signing in to share with all of you simple words from my best friend, the owner of the blog entitled This is not from her blog, but from one of her status on Facebook.

The world is seducing
The people are influencing
The devils are whispering
The mind is manipulating
The heart is hesitating
The Lord is testing
to see who is possessing
the strong faith to survive the living
to be placed in the real world of resting
the paradise request the highest price of entering
May His love and mercy upon us is like raining

I like it when it comes to her words, especially when she write something like this, like a poem, simple poem. Her words to me is just like a soft reminder, and like a painting that paint her heart. I know what's in her heart (although it's not 100% of course!)

Pendek kata, saya memang suka membaca puisi2 nukilannya ini. Sebab ianya sangat bersahaja, tapi cukup kreatif dan indah. Teringat pada percubaannya satu ketika dulu semasa kami masih bergelar pelajar Degree UIA, dia cuba untuk mendeklamasi sajak ciptaannya sendiri (kalau tak silap saya, dah agak lama). Tapi mungkin tiada rezeki. Although i was confident that she can win that competition. Hmm, it's destined after all. But it's a good experience for her..

Yeah, I know 'she can be one of most outstanding poets out there'.. If she really goes for it.

I love u, saya sayang awak!

(Rindu tak terkata sebenarnya..) Y__Y